Where can I get free condoms in Stoke-on-Trent?

You can get free condoms quickly and easily with a C-Card!

A C-Card is a plastic card which anyone aged 13 or over can sign up for (it's free to sign up too by the way!). Your C-Card allows you to get free condoms and lube from a range of places e.g. some schools, colleges, shops, clinics and pharmacies. You can take your C-Card to any place where you see the C-Card logo and get your condoms without any questions asked.

Registering for a C-Card is quick and easy and takes about 10 minutes. You will be asked for some basic details like your name, postcode and date of birth. All the information you provide is confidential and will not be passed on to anyone else.

You can register for a C-Card at sexual health clinics in Stoke-on-Trent as well as some other places.

Here is a full list of places you can register for a C-Card in Stoke-on-Trent:

Bentilee CASH clinic, Bentilee

Blurton CASH clinic, Blurton

Cobridge Community Health Centre, Cobridge

Meir CASH clinic, Meir

Shelton CASH clinic, Shelton

Staffordshire Buddies, Hanley

Apsley Surgery, Cobridge (ages 16+ only)

Apsley Surgery, Norton (ages 16+ only)

Sneyd Green Pharmacy (Greenlife Pharma), Sneyd Green (ages 16+ only)

Well Pharmacy, Goldenhill, Goldenhill (ages 16+ only)

Well Pharmacy, Bradeley, Bradeley (ages 16+ only)

Well Chell, Biddulph Road, Chell (ages 16+ only)

Packmoor Pharmacy, Packmoor (ages 16+ only)

Queen St Pharmacy, Burslem (ages 16+ only)

Lloyds Pharmacy Fenton, Fenton (ages 16+ only)

Morrisons Festival Park, Hanley (ages 16+ only)

Tesco Pharmacy, Hanley (ages 16+ only)

And here are places you can use your C-Card once you've got one:

Apsley Surgery, Cobridge

Asda Tunstall

Belgrave Medical Centre

Bentilee CASH clinic

Blurton CASH clinic

Blurton Pharmacy Ingestre Sq

Boots Bentilee Neighbourhood Centre

Boots Hanley

Boots Pharmacy, Trentham Rd, Longton

Boots Tunstall

Brook Medical

Cobridge Community Health Centre

Foden St Surgery

Goldenhill Medical Centre

Grahams Pharmacy Smallthorne

Hanford Health Centre

Hanley Health and Wellbeing

Lloyds, Church Terrace, Cobridge

Meir CASH clinic

Meir Hay Pharmacy

Meir Park & Weston Coyney Medical Practice

Miltons Chemist Campbell Place

Miltons Chemist, Abbey Hulton

Ridgways Milton

Rowlands Pharmacy, Trentham

Shelton CASH clinic

Sneyd Green Pharmacy (Greenlife Pharma)

Staffordshire Buddies

Superdrug Hanley

Foden St Surgery

Well Pharmacy 363 London Road

Well Pharmacy Blurton

Well Pharmacy Kingsway Weston Coyney

Well Pharmacy Oakhill

Well Wilson Road, Hanford

Weston Road Pharmacy Meir

Willow Bank Surgery

Longton Health Centre

Adderley Green Surgery

Well Goldenhill

Well Bradeley

Well Chell - Biddulph Road

Middleport Medical Care

Packmoor Pharmacy

Tunstall Primary Care Centre

Packmoor Medical Centre

Queen St Pharmacy, Burslem

Lloyds Pharmacy Fenton

Morrisons Festival Park

Tesco Hanley

So go and grab some free condoms and lube and enjoy safer sex!