What makes a healthy relationship?

A healthy relationship is a relationship where you feel safe and able to be yourself. Below we list six key qualities that make up a healthy relationship.


Letting someone know how you feel, what you want and if something is bothering you is important for a healthy relationship.


There are lots of different ways to communicate, like talking, body language and actions. Take time to listen to each other.


It’s okay not to agree on everything, compromise means finding something that works for you both.

Being equals

Nobody should be in charge in a healthy relationship. Being equals means making decisions together and respecting each other’s thoughts and feelings.


Everyone has different opinions but you should never be treated badly for the your thoughts, feelings or the things you like.

Trust and support

Trust feels different to everyone, but being able to talk openly, ask for help if you need it and feeling physically safe when you are together are all signs of a healthy relationship.

Did you know...?

Controlling behaviour within relationships is illegal. This could include someone saying who you can/can’t see, what you can wear or making you feel frightened.

If you experience this you can speak to the Police (Non-emergency: 101 or in an emergency: 999) or get in touch with...

Glow (local service for people in unhealthy relationships) 0330 0945 559

National Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Trans+ Domestic Abuse Helpline

0800 999 5428