Pride at home

Each year, across the world, people gather together at Pride events, to celebrate the freedom to be yourself. It’s a time for the LGBT+ community to come together, express themselves, and have fun. This year, however, things are a little different, but you can still celebrate in your own way!

Go to Pride (at home!)

Even though we’re all disappointed we can’t attend a Pride event IRL this year, luckily, we can still attend one virtually. Global Pride takes place on 27th June. A 24-hour live-streamed event, it features music, art, speeches and performances, from the world-wide LGBT+ community. Why not tune in, and make it part of your Pride-at-home day? Find more details about Global Pride here. Find a list of other virtual pride events here.

Get in the mood

The entire month of June is Pride month, so why not use your time at home to watch/read/listen to all things LGBT+? Whether you want to brush up on your LGBT+ history, discover new people and ideas, or lose yourself in make believe, have a look at our suggestions here.

Get creative

Pride is full of colour, glitter and eye catching outfits. If you miss seeing everyone, and everything, dressed up, then why not do this at home? Get creative with decorations, outfits and make up. It Gets Better Project has lots of make-up and outfit tutorials (as well as lots of other inspirational videos); or check out Pride’s DIY projects .

Essentials: music and food.

If there’s music and food, it’s a party; who cares if you’re staying in? To keep the Pride vibes going, have a go at some rainbow themed food (you can find some ideas here). For music, there are loads of LGBT+ artists, old and new, for you to choose from; just pick your faves! Spotify and You Tube have some playlists to get you started.


Remember you are not alone, and Pride is about bringing the LGBT+ community together. Make sure you are keeping in touch with friends and family, who support you. Get them involved in your Pride-at-home through video calls.

Sexual health

Our Sexual Health Team love attending Stoke-on-Trent Pride each year, and many people use this opportunity to get a sexual health check-up and condoms. If you would like a an STI test, and you’re 16+, you can order a home testing kit from SH:24. If you’re under 16, call our team on 0300 7900 165. Information on local sexual health services in Stoke-on-Trent can found at

It's okay not to be okay

Pride is such an important event for many within our LGBT+ community; so if not being able to get together is leaving you feeling low, that’s okay too. But don’t forget there is always someone there to support you. Switchboard is a great LGBT+ organisation who are there to help you with whatever you want to talk about. There are many other support organisations too, check out our Useful Links page for a list.