Confidentiality in our clinics

All of our sexual health services are free and confidential. But what does confidential actually mean? See some commonly asked confidentiality questions below!

Will you tell my parents if I’m under 16?

No, we won’t. The only reason we may have to tell someone anything about your visit to us is if we believe you or someone else is at risk of harm - we will ALWAYS try and discuss this with you first though.

Will you tell my partner if I have an STI?

We do have a partner notification system but this can be done anonymously. This means if you do test positive for an STI and don’t want your partner (or ex-partner) to know it’s you who has an STI, we can inform them that someone they’ve had sex or sexual contact with has an STI (so we won’t name you). If they ask us who, we will tell them that we can’t name the person, for confidentiality reasons.

Will you tell my GP?

We won’t tell your GP about your visit to us, and they won’t be able to see your records. We do ask who your GP is on our clinic registration form, but we DO NOT normally share information with your GP. However if you are found to have an infection, we will make three attempts to contact you directly. If we cannot contact you we may need inform your GP to ensure you receive appropriate treatment.

Who can see my records?

Only sexual health staff within our organisation can see your records and even then, not even all of them have access. Your GP or any other health professionals (such as midwives, school nurses and other NHS employees) outside of our sexual health service will not be able to see any of your records.

Under what circumstances would you break confidentiality?

There are times when confidentiality may need to be broken so that we can protect you under the law. However, we will ALWAYS try and discuss this with you first. For example, if you tell us that, or we think you are, at risk of danger or harm to yourself and/or others, we will contact the relevant agencies.

Got a question about any of our sexual health services? Message us on Facebook or call our confidential sexual health information line on 0300 123 0970.