Common Condom Mistakes

Our sexual health team talk about the most common condom mistakes they hear about from people in Stoke-on-Trent. Here is what our Sexual Health team said:

1. Opening it with your teeth/putting a condom on with your mouth

Yes, you may think it looks sexy but doing either of these increases the change of ripping the condom, which means an increased chance of STIs which isn't too sexy. Moral of the story = go traditional and use your hands.

2. Putting the condom on too late

We all love a bit of foreplay (what better way to get ready for the main event?) BUT some people still wait until right before anal sex to put a condom on. You can get an STI from oral sex, so make sure you but a condom on before heading down there. If you’ve had unprotected oral sex recently, visit Cobridge Community Health Centre for a full STI screening.

3. Not squeezing the tip when putting the condom on

If you don’t squeeze the tip when you’re rolling the condom down, there will be an air bubble at the top which could result in the condom bursting.

4. Putting the condom on inside out

There is a right way and a wrong way to put a condom on, and if you put it on the wrong way it could just roll back up. To check if you’re rolling it down the right way, place the condom on your hand, with the tip facing upwards – that’s the way it needs to go on!

5. Using oil-based lube with condoms

We all love lube, and it actually makes condoms less likely to split, BUT only used water-based lubes with condoms. Oil-based lubes (and anything else with oil in) erode latex and make condoms wayyy more likely to split. Our team are always giving out free water-based lube, so if you see us out and about, pop over and ask us for some!

6. Carrying on after you’ve cum

If you’ve cum and are still feeling like you’ve got some more “energy” left, don’t just carry on using the same condom, because it could rip or your cum work its way down. If you want to continue, swap over condoms and give your hands a good wash (as semen can be transferred from your hands to the new condom).

Pick up free condoms from any of our sexual health clinics, or from our men's group.

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