10 things bi people are sick of hearing

Bisexuality seems to still cause quite a bit of confusion among some people, resulting in lots of questions are statements that are often offensive and sometimes, pretty stupid.

1. "You're just greedy aren't you?"

Oh, such an original comment! This one is occasionally followed by a wink by them, and always this face by you:

2. "It's just a phase."

And then they go on to discuss with you whether you are indeed gay or straight, because, you know, they are the only two sexual orientations that exist.

3. "You must love threesomes!"

Because you're bisexual, people think your sexual dream is to have both genders in the same sitting. That's not how it works people!

4. "Just pick a side and stick to it!"

Erm, no. And why should you? No one can dictate to you who you should be with and what sexuality you should identify as.

5. "You just don't want to admit you're gay."

Putting aside the fact that your sexuality is no-one else's business, if you've 'admitted' you're bisexual, you're bisexual. End of conversation.

6. "You'll cheat."

Yes, some bisexual people cheat, as do some straight people and some gay people. Your sexuality doesn't make you a cheater.

7. “But you’re with a guy/girl right now so doesn’t that mean you’re straight/gay?”

Just because you're in a relationship doesn't mean your sexuality magically changes overnight!

8. "I bet dating is easy for you isn't it?"

Oh, if only! People think there are twice as many fish in the pond for you but sadly, that just isn't the case. Dating is just as hard for you as it is for everyone else.

9. "Don't try anything on with me!" Being bisexual doesn't automatically mean you're a sexual predator! People who usually say this have a very high opinion of themselves, assuming they're irresistible to everyone, but frankly you'd rather crawl across broken glass than "try anything on" with them.

10. "So which do you prefer; boys or girls?"

Because you've got to choose one, it's not like you could be equally attracted to both (or all) genders or anything. Some bisexual people have a preference, some really don't care about gender, if you have a preference, awesome, if not, also awesome.

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