Free handbook for young LGBT people launches

Galaxy Youth, our support and social group for people 18 and under, worked alongside Stoke-on-Trent City Council and local arts organisation, The Cultural Sisters, to produce a handbook for young LGBT people and those questioning their sexuality or gender.

The handbook, titled ‘Good As You’, provides information on relationships, online safety, sexual health, mental health and ‘helpful people’.

A former Galaxy Youth group member who helped develop the book said “I wanted to get involved with the creation of the book because of the way it was set out – it’s a really fun layout and people can put their own ideas and thoughts in there. When we were making the book, the sessions were very open, so anyone could share their thoughts and everyone’s ideas were included.”

Melisa Henderson, a Galaxy sessional worker added “It’s a safety net, this is really important to people when they’re growing up. This would have been amazing for me growing up; I never spoke to my mum about sexual health, it’s not a thing we would talk about, so it’s great that topic is included.”

The ‘Good As You’ handbook is available from Galaxy Youth, as well as in local libraries, and interest for the handbook can be sent to

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