10 Users You've Encountered on Grindr

1. The Dick Pic Guy

His profile picture is usually blank, and their first message to you is most likely a dick pic. They know what they want, and they want you to see the D. They probably want a pic from you but be cautious, once a dick pic is out there, it's out there!

2. The Hi Guy

Just says "Hi" repeatedly even though you ignore him. Occasionally mixes it up with a "Hey" or "How are you?"

Source: DayGate/Wordpress

3. The Casual Homophobe/Masc4Masc

Usually has an aggressive bio, and selfie he's taken in the gym mirror to demonstrate what it is to 'be a man', cos you know, he's just SO manly.

4. The False Advertiser Guy

His profile pic is from 10 years ago to lure you in, but you're not fooled by this, because you've noticed his bootcut jeans and his V-neck/scarf combination. If you question him, he claims it's recent, but you know the truth.

5. The Casual Stalker

The guy that messages saying he saw you on the bus and liked your blue scarf.

6. The Ironic Guy

'No pic no chat' on their profile but their profile picture is one of their cat.

7. The Opportunist Cuts, copies and pastes a message and sends it to everyone in a 5 mile radius. Sometimes hard to suss out unless you're with a mate who is on Grindr and receives the same message.

8. The Cliche Guy

Opens a conversation with a horrendously cliche chat up line that you've heard a million times before. No, just no.

Source: Buzzfeed

9. The Charmer

Good looking, charming and usually an absolute tool. You know he's saying the exact same to a load of other guys, his chat up lines actually work and you hate yourself for it.

10. The Gay BFF Hunter

Straight females trying to find a gay BFF because she's seen 'Sex And The City' and assumes all gay men are like Stanford Blatch. Usually with a warped idea that all gay guys want to go shopping with her and say things like "Gurl you look fab-u-lous!".

Girl - I'm searching for the D, get off our dating app.

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