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How To Use External Condoms

(sometimes known as male condoms)


An external condom is a thin latex or plastic sheath is put over an erect penis or sex toy. This protects against STIs as well as pregnancy, and is 98% effective if used correctly.




Before Sex

Check that the condom:

  • Is in date

  • Has no damage to the packet

  • Has the relevant kite marks (these symbols to the right)


External Condom Demo.png
External Condom Demo.png

1. Using your finger and thumb, push the condom away from the top of the packet, whilst it is still inside.

Using the opposite hand, carefully open the packet, using the jagged edges on either side. Take care not to tear the condom.


Remove the condom from the packet

External Condom Demo.png

2. Make sure the condom is the right way up (tip pointing upwards) before putting it on to the penis/sex toy.


External Condom Demo.png

3. Squeeze the tip of the condom gently, between your finger and thumb, making sure there is no air in the tip.

Using the opposite hand, whilst still holding the tip, roll the condom down to the base of the erect penis/sex toy.

External Condom Demo.png

During sex

* Use plenty of lube as this can help to make the condom less likely to break.

* If the condom starts to slip off, or breaks, stop having sex, before continuing to have sex.

External Condom Demo.png

After Sex

4. When sex has finished, remove the erect penis/sex toy straight away, and hold the condom on at the base of the penis/sex toy whilst you do this.

External Condom Demo.png

5. Gently remove the condom from the penis/sex toy, making sure that no semen spills out (if used on a penis)

External Condom Demo.png

6. Twist the open end of the condom, so that no semen spills out (if used on a penis). Wrap it in tissue paper and put it in the bin - don’t flush it down the toilet.

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